EMF remediation is one of the greatest impacts on the path to restorative sleep, better energy, cellular healing, and peace of mind. We stand behind the products we offer.

EMF Remediation
Our on site consultation includes meter testing for harmful frequencies like dirty electricity and wifi/microwave radiation in your home or office. We'll identify the fields that need remediation. We have products to remediate EMF radiation for the entire home or office, for your vehicles, your devices and for your people, too!

We also offer remote consultations with a thorough approach, but of course that would forgo the meter testing.
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We'll share some of the science that demonstrates the efficacy and what makes our products unique. You'll have a good grasp on what EMF exposure we find, how it harms, and then we'll provide you with a plan. The products we offer have been tested and are made with natural ingredients and the evidence and testimonies are undeniable.

Often the remediation can be completed during the initial visit. While the home evaluation is complimentary, payment for remediation would be due at the time of service.
Free Onsite Evaluation
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