Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMF?

Electromagnetic fields are invisible areas of energy or radiation; some cause harm and some do not. 

Can't I just shut off the devices?

It's more than just shutting off wifi/bluetooth devices. Many sources continue to radiate when shut off. Electricity, power meters, and fans are also concerns.

How do I know your products work?

The products we use are proven extensively with testing including cellular calcium testing, blood microscopy, thermal imaging, acugraphs, avatar, and mold testing. Allow us to demonstrate with research studies, muscle-testing and the coolest part- then testimonies. And then, see for yourself with our money-back guarantee.

How do EMF's cause harm?

It's the shaking and vibration of molecules that causes cellular damage.

How soon after service will I feel better?

Some people report noticeable changes right away, others may not. Regardless of symptoms, cellular healing can start the moment you remove the toxic threat.

What level would be considered safe?

Extensive studies demonstrate bio-effects with exposure to even just 6µ/m². In children the concern starts at 3µ/m².

Are all EMF's harmful?

No, it depends on the nature of the waves and whether or not the energy is chaotic or calm and  polarized versus unpolarized.