Better ZZZ’s


Add-on product, to be used with a home harmonizer or room harmonizer, can also be used to remediate car and for protection when getting x-rays.


ADD-ON PRODUCT — to be used with a home or room harmonizer


  • This is especially important if your bed has metal springs or metal frame.
  • DO NOT USE ON ADJUSTABLE BED, ONE WITH A GROUNDING MAT, or on any other bed that plugs in (to an outlet) in some way.  Instead use the Device Chip for those!
  • Simply place under mattress or between two mattresses if you have a box spring.

AUTOMOBILE = if your car does not have a power outlet for our Car Harmonizer product, you can place the Better ZZZ’s somewhere on the floor of the car/automobile as close as possible to (or touching) the metal frame of the car.  Example: under the passenger seat’s floor mat while also touching the thick bolts that secure the seat to the base of the car. For Electric Car: double up with 2 devices (car harmonizers/betterZZZ’s).

Dimensions:  approx 5.0″ x 5.0″ x 0.4″

* 60-Day Money-back Product Guarantee (see details)

Product by EMF Solutions, Inc.


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