Mustard Plant 2

This is the sequel to the first Mustard Plant post.

I told you guys it would have flowers, now it does!
It doesn't even look like the same plant!
If you don't remember, it's called Tower Mustard (Arabis glabra)
Apparently you can eat it, but I think you should research it.

New photo (with flowers)

mustard plant

Old photo (without flowers)

Mustard Plant

This is Tower Mustard. I found it at my grandmother's house, i used the Seek app to find out what it was.

It's an endangered plant in the UK, but not in the USA.

It's scientific name is Arabis glabra.

What's weird is that it can NOT be used to make mustard! it's going to have small creamy colored flowers, so stay tuned.
mustard plant