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A blog post about our products:

“I look like death!” I thought, glancing  in the mirror, as I was leaving work.. 

How had I gotten like this so fast? I looked healthy, what seemed like, a minute ago…or at least 8 hours ago when I began my workday.

My face was pasty white, my eyes were sunken in with dark circles around them. I did not look like me, but more like one of the “fully vaxxed.”

Then I checked my pockets. The card was gone! I had forgotten the card that day.

I had always taken care of myself and had really great health, but beginning in 2018, back in Colorado, I noticed a change.

I would sometimes feel a tightness in my chest and slight nausea at seemingly random times. 

The cure was always to hop on my bike and go for a 20-30 mile ride. The feeling would quickly subside and I got to go on a little adventure. 

The frequency of these incidents began to increase and I began to wonder if 5G towers might be the cause. Sure enough, there was an active 5G tower just 3 miles away from my home. 

Soon after, I felt it even more intensely as I was walking a client’s dog near her house. I decided to check the 5G map and, what do you know? This time, I was only 1 mile away from an active 5G tower. I now had my very unscientific verification of what I thought might be happening, but how do you stop it?

In September 2020, I embarked on a 46 day cross-country move from Colorado to New Hampshire. My dog, Gonzo, and I took the scenic backroads routes and camped most of the way. The feeling left! During that entire time, I did not have one single symptom of anxiety, tightness in my chest, or nausea. I had never felt better! I was free!!!

Before leaving Colorado, I checked to see how many 5G towers would be in New Hampshire. At the time there were only two. I also checked to see if the governor was conservative and if there was no mask mandate. It the time, both were supposedly true. I thought I would be safe from the masks and 5G.

In February 2022, I began to feel that familiar anxious feeling again. My road bike doesn’t fare well in New England ice though, so a cycling adventure was out of the question. 

What was different? I found that New Hampshire had amassed approximately 200 5G towers in just over a year and the big rollout happened on January 19, 2021.

This was insane! On how many levels will our own government attack us? From deadly lockdowns, to deadly masks, to deadly jabs, to deadly 5G towers, our government has been attempting to murder us, while telling us it’s for our own good. No, I said it wrong. “For the greater good.”

I soon realized something else I never would have considered. Electricity is also having a negative effect on me. 

For 2 months in the Fall of 2021, I  lived in, what I called, The Adventure Cabin. It was an austere mini house, without electricity, and I absolutely loved it! I relished spending my evenings basking in the glow of candle light and crawling into bed at a normal hour. There was just something so peaceful about that place. 

There had always been some sort of darkness I couldn’t put my finger on in all the other places I lived, but the darkness wasn’t at The Adventure Cabin.

When a friend began talking about the book The Invisible Rainbow, by Arthur Firstenberg, and all the negative effects of electricity, I began to realize the “darkness” I couldn’t put my finger on in my other homes was electricity. (Which is kind of ironic, if you think about it.) The thing that was so special and so calming about The Adventure Cabin was it’s freedom from electricity. 

Soon, I began to understand why I hate being indoors in most places. I am way more comfortable and at peace when I’m  outside (except during New Hampshire’s insane bug season.) I think I could really enjoy living in a tent with a walk-in-closet.

In May, 2022, I began noticing my face looking different…looking dead. I did not recognize the person in the mirror and was beginning to wonder if I had been covertly jabbed. 

Shortly after noticing this new look of mine, someone in a group chat mentioned something about EMF (electromagnetic field) damage possibly being the cause of a health issue someone else was having. My ears perked up! She briefly spoke of ways to remediate this disturbance it’s causing in our bodies and I was intrigued. Could there really be a way to keep from being damaged by 5G and other forms of radiation?

I immediately wanted to know more and we began talking. Larisa was incredibly informative and everything she said about how the EMFs, and radiation from electronics, 5G, smartmeters, etc. were damaging our cells and our bodies resonated with me 100%. I had already felt it on so many different levels. 

I was already on board with everything she said and then this video opened my eyes even more https://www.takebackyourpower.net/watch-take-back-your-power-2017/

You can also find more information here: http://www.trexlah.com/learn/

Larisa didn’t try to sell me on anything. I wanted to know more and wanted to see what she had that could potentially remediate some of the damage being inflicted on us. I might have been a little skeptical, though.

Larisa sent me the link to www.sunsetEMF.com where I was able to find all kinds of relatively inexpensive ways to protect myself and my home from EMFs. With Gonzo scheduled for a potentially expensive surgery in June, I decided to just start with the Personal Card and, if that worked, build from there.

Once it arrived, I began carrying the card on me and even slept with it in a pocket.

My face almost immediately became recognizable again…it looked alive! My sleep was even better and more restful. 

So, when I caught a glimpse of my face of death in the mirror again, that one day as I was leaving the office, I immediately thought of the card. “Had it stopped working?” 

No. I had forgotten to bring it with me and It  couldn’t do anything for me if it was sitting at home on my dresser. Hopefully, Gonzo got some benefit from it that day. 

I have also noticed a dizziness lately that subsides when the card is present. 

After initially being skeptical, I am wildly enthusiastic about the change I saw and felt after getting the xl card. I am looking forward to trying out more of these remediation devices and hope to write more as I do.

Andi Pigott Martin