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Larisa M. Trexler, RN, Health Coach, Certified EMF Specialist

Larisa M. Trexler, RN, 

Health Coach,

Certified EMF Specialist

Since 1995, I've been a Registered Nurse. Over the years, I've worn so many hats and have worked with all ages, from people taking their first breath and others their last. Much of my career has been devoted to pediatrics. Instigated by my own health issues and those of my family, I've been seeking a new path. The path involves questioning everything that is conventional, learning about traditional ways, and recognizing how our bodies heal. While we face toxic threats daily, cellular healing is in reach.

Being sensitive to environmental toxins, including the elephant in the room- in almost every room- EMFs, has directed my focus. I've decided this is the best role where I can really help support people with healing. I am one of the testimonials as to what EMF remediation can do for health. For me, it was noticeable overnight and every day I'm getting stronger.

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